iRON Data Board API Reference

Data from and about the iRON station network are requested using HTTP GET queries; these look like URLs. The data are available at specific endpoints. Each endpoint is part of a URL following the general pattern:

There are three kinds of data available through the API: Stations, Variables Measured, and the Recorded Data. Stations and Variables Measured rarely change; they are made available through the API so users can see the locations of and sensors installed on each Station, along with the Variables for which data can be requested. Neither the Stations (stations) nor Variables Measured (measures) endpoints accept any GET request parameters.

Recorded Data are, of course, the most interesting and important asset available through the API. The Recorded Data endpoint (readings) requires you to provide two GET query parameters: from and to, which describe the date range for which you want to export data. Currently, you cannot request data for a period longer than 90 days. If you need data for longer than a 90-day period, please use the station-specific Daily Exports or Archived Exports.

Recorded Data

All dates and times are in UTC (GMT-0) unless a conversion is requested. To request recorded air temperature, soil moisture, and other measured data from one or more iRON stations:

REQUIRED GET Query Parameters:

  • from — The starting date, inclusive, of the date range requested, e.g., from=2018-01-01
  • to — The ending date, inclusive, of the date range requested, e.g., to=2018-01-01

Optional GET Query Parameters:

  • station_id — The numeric ID of the station requested; see stations endpoint for IDs
  • station — A fuzzy search for a station by name; e.g., station=Sky will return data for Sky Mountain
  • calibrated — Specify calibrated=false to return uncalibrated soil moisture data (calibrated data are the default)
  • variables — Instead of receiving all available measured variables, a subset can be requested using comma-delimited keywords (see "keyword" field for each measured variable), e.g., variables=depth,temperature_air
  • units — Imperial units are the default, specify units=metric to obtain readings converted to metric units, instead
  • timezone_offset — By default, timestamps are in UTC (GMT-0); to obtain timestamps in a different timezone, specify the GMT offset in hours using negative numbers for west of GMT and positive numbers for east of GMT, e.g., for Eastern Standard Time (EST or GMT-5), specify timezone_offset=-5

iRON Stations

To request data about the iRON stations, use the following endpoints: GET Query Parameters: None

Variables Measured

To request data on the variables measured by the iRON stations: GET Query Parameters: None