Welcome to the iRON Data Board

The iRON Data Board provides downloadable data from sets from the interactive Roaring Fork Observation Network (iRON), a monitoring and outreach effort managed by the Aspen Global Change Institute. Data updates are automated to be current within the last 6 hours.

The iRON network consists of 9 stations located in the Roaring Fork Watershed of the Colorado Rockies, and stations takes frequent measurements of soil moisture at 2in, 8in, and 20in depths, soil temperature at 8in, air temperature, relative humidity, rain, and (at some stations) snow depth.

Further information, including site photographs and maps can be found on the Aspen Global Change Institute website at agci.org/iRON. Questions can be directed to , with the subject line: iRON Data.

Data Disclaimer

Precipitation is measured as rain by tipping bucket rain gauge and is not an accurate representation of precipitation during winter months. Soil moisture readings are empirically calibrated by soil type, with a median RMSE value of 2.7% or 0.027 m3/m3. Some sites are more variable; at Northstar Transition Zone, the 50-cm measures may vary by 8.7% and at Glassier Ranch, the 20-cm and 50-cm measures by 7.2%. In the API, calibrated soil moisture readings are the default, but you can also request uncalibrated soil moisture readings. Detailed information on the accuracy and calibration of iRON station measurements can be found in the Equipment Accuracy Standards and Calibrations report. Information on all station repairs can be found here.

Data Access & API Reference

The quickest way to get access to iRON station data is through our daily Data Exports (see below). However, if you're looking for more sophisticated access to the iRON data, consider using our application programming interface (API). Note that this platform is still under development, and certain functionalities or portions of data sets may not yet be available. How to request iRON station data using the API...